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wellcome to Fw-wizard

➤ FW-Wizard is a Forsaken World FREE to Play Clasic Blood Harvest server is multiplayer online game that will open up a spacious world and hundreds of new roads for you. In the game, you can fly on celestial creatures, ride on tamed animals, and create wings for your character. And if you get yourself a true friend - a pet, then he will save you more than once in battle, and then any dungeon or boss will not be scary. The game also has a mentoring system, the ability to play a wedding, large-scale wars between guilds, and much, much more.

➤ Classic server x1

➤ Installed Blood Harvest update with a maximum development level of 90.

➤ Added many new styles and mounts.

➤ There are unique innovations that improve game balance and make the game more diverse.

➤ The FW-Wizard server is an amateur modification of the Forsaken World game.

➤ All rights to FW belong to its respective owners.