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Available Races : Elves & Humans

The greatest monarch of the humans, Hossinger Apelio wielded an iconic two-handed giant sword. The greatest of the human kings, Hossinger Apelio, was known not only as a wise and just ruler, but also as a terror on the battlefield. Enemies would panic at the sight of the legendary sword he wielded. Many great enemies fell to his blade, so many in fact, that later Warriors would wield a sword in honor of that king. Warriors make up the vanguard of any group. They are known to lead many groups into battle with strength and valor. Their exceptional fighting ability, coupled with their fiery courage, gives their allies an edge in any group battle. A Warrior's decisiveness and mastery of tactics can bolster the group's morale, often deciding the outcome of the battle.



Available Races : Stonemen

Stonemen are made from the rocks that create their name, and they have inborn strength which can resist almost any strike. Since the time when the chief of the Stonemen, L'ygch, the Fearless Heart, helped Hossinger Apelio defeat Assaya, the Protector class became known as the foundation for any real group going into battle. Their rock-hard determination and immense fortitude ensures a group shall never fear defeat as long as their Protector stands. Stonemen, created from the ancient stone from which their name derives, have a monolithic fortitude which can withstand nearly any blow. Their bravery and fearlessness are legendary, shielding their allies from vicious attacks by taking it themselves. As the Stonemen became renowned for their exploits, they were referred to as Protectors. This is a fitting name for them, for with the strength of stone, they protect those with lesser armor.



Available Races : Lycans, Kindred & Humans

Lurking in the dark and waiting for the perfect time to strike a deadly blow, this is the Assassin. Shifting through the shadows, they wait for an opportune moment to strike. The Assassin knows that a killing blow can prevent a thousand wasted strikes. What they may lack in brute strength or magical parlor tricks, they make up for in their dark, cunning, and deadly speed. Many unwary victims can fall to the Assassin's blade in the blink of an eye. The Assassins have followed an ancient creed, "Arrive without a trace and depart without a shadow." Even the most skilled of Assassins may not be able to handle open combat, but they always have the killing strike readied for their opponent. An Assassin can see a weak spot from a mile away, and they always use this to their advantage.



Available Races : Dwarves

With only the strength of their forefinger and the steadiness of their hands, the Marksman can take out enemies from a distance. With a steady finger and an even steadier will, the Marksman prefers to take out enemies from a distance. Their incredible range allows them to rain a volley of pain on any unfortunate victim within sight. In addition to this deadly range, advances in Dwarven technology led them to use of gunpowder. Following a very different type of combat from the Assassin, Marksmen whittle down their opponents from a distance instead of focusing on a single, deadly attack. Their consistent damage over time makes them deadly opponents when left alone.



Available Races : Kindred & Humans

The Mage controls the power of the elements. They can condense magic elements in the air into various powerful spells. During the golden age of magic, a city known as Pisuix was built. This city became the center of all magic lore and knowledge. From within its hallowed walls, Magic King, Chald Pisuix, taught many gifted students how to become powerful Mages. Beautiful and unearthly magic decorated the sky of Eyrda with its majestic and undeniable power. Those days are long gone now, and the knowledge of magic is fading, the remaining Mages keep this knowledge alive. Those who would oppose a Mage will have to contend with the destructive power of the earthly elements. A mage has an eldritch control over the elements that permeate this world. Their force of will allows them to materialize the various elements into devastating spells.



Available Races : Lycans, Elves & Humans

From the earliest battles, Priests have played a part, channeling angelic transfiguration and healing. Their faith and undeniable desire to help all allowed Priests to harness the power of the gods to heal the wounded, protect the weak, and cure the sick. A group can walk on the edges of darkness when supported by a Priest. From the earliest of battles, Priests have played an indispensable role. Their ability to channel angelic powers and of the healing arts allowed them to save countless lives. Through their indomitable faith, Priests keep their group members fighting where otherwise they'd have long fallen.



Available Races : Kindred

When the most beautiful woman, Shylia mixed her blood with her lover, Herghevid's body, the first Vampire was born. The vampire knowledge of magic with their proficiency of close combat make them deadly foes. Seeking power at any price, they use their own blood during battle to power their spells and vicious attacks. Vampires can also save the lives of their allies through their own sacrifice. The descendants of the Vampire King are very mysterious, often not showing their hidden motives until an opportune moment, often turning the battle in their favor. Back in the ancient times, a divinely beautiful woman, Shylia, performed a dark ritual with a man named Herghevid. The original vampire was created from this forbidden act. The Life force of this great Vampire King has given his bloodline unimaginable power.



Available Races : Elves

Bards hold a harp, walking all over the land, telling the histories of great heroes and their deeds. Bards travel the world with their harps, singing about the deeds of great heroes all over the land. In combat, Bards can use their exceptional music ability to debilitate enemies while assisting their allies. What Bards lack in combat skills, they certainly make it for in the mysterious effects their songs have on enemies and allies alike. With such powerful and versatile siren like abilities at their disposal, all will be affected in one way or another. When a bard is present, an average group can become a great group.



Available Races : Lycans & Kindred

Driven by hatred and destruction, Blood Raiders are fearless warriors. They embrace pain, sacrificing themselves for greater power to destroy their enemies