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Server Open

The server is available for login. You need to update the game to version 0.26.0 or RU Version 0.15.0 The following changes have been made: 1. Reduced the number of points to increase purchases lvl for 9-10-11-12; 2. Added reward for lvl purchases for levels 9-10; 3. Changed the daytime arena hours and added nighttime arena hours on Monday, Wednesday and Friday; 4. Increased opening times for some dungeons such as Goods Trail, LCS and all types of Fissure... ; 5. Added Anima Charms to Vote exchange; 6. Added a Synthesis Runes to Gabriel in Freedom Harbor ; 7. Fixed Chilly Feather orb ; 8. Minor bug and error fixes; 9. Minor fixes to item descriptions ; Please, if you have any known bugs, write to us for further fixes. Using bugs to gain an advantage over other players may result in your character being blocked for the duration of the bug fix.

27 / 03 / 2024

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