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Click Clack Event

Starting April 3 and until on April 17, completing tasks you will be rewarded with an item Hanky, which you can exchange at NPS Lissa for valuable gifts. List of tasks and rewards: Tamer - Taming: A Healthy Diet - Hanky x5 Henry - Todays Personal Luck Quest - Hanky x3. Henry - World Luck: Solariens Gift - Hanky x3 Henry - World Luck: Tyaras Blessing - Hanky x3 Michell - Cooking Tutorial - Hanky x 3 Luia - Alchemy Tutorial - Hanky x 3 Rio - Study - Hanky x 2 Porudock - Balloon Bonanza! - Easy Level - Hanky x 5 Rio - Perfumer - Hanky x 3 Buckray - Harbor Guide - Hanky x 2 Guild: Life in the Harbor (must be in guild, completed automatically when completing 5 Free Harbor Life quests, can be done by pet) - Hanky x 2 Run Girl Run! - Hanky x 10 per First quest, (to receive the reward, you need to complete only the first quest and we recommend that you cancel the rest of the stages of this quest until the next day or finish all of them (your choice)) Auriel - Aquire Shylias Breath Petals Hanky x 8 Guild Frostagale Fjord - Hanky x5 Important: Tasks completed by a pet will not be rewarded (except for Henry).

03 / 04 / 2024

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