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Duelist event

Duelist Greetings, valiant knights of Eyrda! How about having a little PvE and PvP fun and also getting some Mercury statuettes? On Sunday, June, 9th everyone will be welcomed to show their wits and strength at the Duelist event! Rules: Stage one: on June, 9th at 17.00 server time a GM character Event1 will post a riddle in the world chat. After that, players would have 10 minutes to solve the riddle and find the hidden GM character. Finding the eventmaker, they need to send the word “Duel” to the normal (white) chat. The GM will invite the first 24 players who would find them to the group. After that each of all 24 players will get guaranteed 5 Mercury statuettes. Stage two: after the first rewards the players will throw dice. The two characters, who would get numbers most close to 1 on dice, will have a battle. Every battle will last 2 rounds. The winner will get extra 10 statuettes, the one who loses – 5 statuettes. The duelists, whose battle would end up with a draw, would both get extra 7 statuettes. That way, there will be 12 duels taking place. Please pay attention to the system and world chats! The GM character Event1 will let the players know about their every step. THE EVENT WILL BE RUN AT THE REALM 1 Be respective and condescending towards the GM character, they will try their best to entertain you, so please, let’s enjoy the event and have fun together! We are aware that characters of different levels would randomly be chosen to duel with each other, but we also pay your attention, dear friends, that this is not a serious tournament, the goal of the event is to let the players have fun and get valuables. Pay attention: the event will be run in a TESTING MODE. The administration will kindly accept the CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM of the players after and try to make the optimal corrections. Thank you for understanding! Attention: the administration of the server has rights to change the rules and reglament not later than 1 hour before the event starts, with a necessary announcements of the changes. The administration always has rights to make decisions in any objectionable or controversial situations. Good luck everyone!

08 / 06 / 2024

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